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TU Wien IT Solutions (TU.it)
formerly known as (ZID - Zentraler Informatik Dienst)
Application Management (Fachbereich INFRA)  
Vienna University of Technology
Operngasse 11//E020 - room DF0421
A-1040 Vienna, Austria


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Neat and handy:

Former member of the Automation Systems Group, Institute of Computer Engineering

General areas of interests:

  • Unix System Management (Solaris, Linux, Apollo DomainOS, Security, Networkprogramming, C-, Shell-, Perl-Programming)
  • Security issues (Unix, TCP/IP, operating systems in general)
  • Mailsoftware (especially Sendmail, Amavis, Milter-Greylist)
  • USENET News Management
  • Security (Operating Systems, E-Mail, Tunneling, Public Key Systems)
  • Programming Languages (C, C++, Perl, various shell script dialects, Forth, Assembler)
  • Web-Design (Web-Server-Management, CGI-Programming using Shell- and Perl-Scripts)
  • Embedded Systems (pSOS+, RT/Embedded Linux, 8-bit based systems (SBC) and micro controller)

Responsibility areas:

Following activities are part of the communication services at the Vienna University of Technology, serving the whole campus.
  • E-mail services
    • Mail router and bastion server management
      • anti-spam measures
      • Mail-Aliases/Forwarding (@tuwien.ac.at, @student.tuwien.ac.at, @alumni.tuwien.ac.at, @it.tuwien.ac.at, @zid.tuwien.ac.at)
      • Central Spam/UCE flagging
      • Central virus protection
      • Anti-spamming/Anti-relaying
      • Virtual mail domains and mail aliases handling
      • Mail routing, forwarding/blocking
      • Other postmaster issues (abuse handling, server reachablility, mail processing)
    • Support for mailing lists (Sympa)
    • Support for upTUdate services
      • Autoconfiguration
      • High availibility proxy
      • Mail encryption- and signing - Secure Gateway (S/MIME, GPG, End-2-end encryption)
    • Support for student's e-mail services
    • Certificate handling

  • Webspace management (info service)
    • Plesk-Managed Info-Server info-pm.tuwien.ac.at
      • Wordpress hosting for TU Wien pages
    • Legacy Info-Server info.tuwien.ac.at
      • User and account management (SSH access, filesystem quotas, password)
      • Web-Content (URL setup/deletion, Links in case of emergency)

  • Security consulting
    • Incident handling:
      • Phishing, scam, spam report processing
      • E-mail virus report processing
      • User tracking for copyright issues, abuse and attack handling
    • Consulting for e-mail-based services

  • Consulting and small administrative duties
    • Ticketsystem Assyst e-mail processing and filtering
    • Repostitory management (TU.it wide)
    • TISS mass mail sending environment
    • Mailrouting <-> TISS Synchronisation

Current Projects:

  • Outgoing Mailrelay renewal.

  • Incoming Mailrelay renewal.

  • Software maintainance and development participation:
    • SRS socketmap daemon (Perl)
    • Miltrassassin sendmail milter
    • Milter-Greylist sendmail milter

Old Projects:

Hints, complaints, threats and other things like that can be entered into my response form (or use the german styled response form).

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