Several nicknames are associated with my person. Beside my official first name Johann the following list is more or less known to the public (in order of falling importance):
  1. Jeek

    Pronounced english. Derived from the combination of all initials of my full name

    Johann Emanuel Edmund Klasek

  2. Jonny

    Note, that no "h" is used here. Established during higher classes of my school years.

  3. Jot-Kaa

    From the first letters of my first and last name in German pronunciation. Derived from my email address/user account name.

  4. Hansi

    The classic nickname for Johann, especially in Austria.

  5. Kaa

    From the the first letter of my last name in German pronunciation.

  6. Joe

    Don't know where it comes from, because it is not really related to Johann, but very simple and short.